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WALLTIK was involved in working on the problem that the explosion of digital platforms mean to users, content generators like bloggers, magazines, online newspapers (general and according to a specific industrial sector), liberal professionals, brands and many others that need to create & consume large volumes of tailored, high quality content that is engaging and shareable across the web, email, social and mobile channels.

Our solution was a content dashboard for users to Search (go to Explore Content in your superior menu) & Crawl for content (click on Create Contents button in the superior bar) for all kind of users, as well as bringing recommendations based on content, interests and influencers, enhancing their experience in Internet, content, authors and preferences of the Web.

The magic of Walltik is to use the technology for the content generated, shared, voted, commented and much more of every day interactions from all users. This will also allow to build new clusters of interests, achieving the “long-tail” of interests, content, and spheres of influences in high targeted shared affinities among its niche users.

Walltik closed doors on 2014. We believe we were ahead of our time, since this is been exploding more at the end of the 2010’s rather than at the beginning, when Walltik was created.