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ACCURE HEALTH is a Renaissance in Neurosciences. The right time for agile biotechs: Central nervous system (CNS) disorders affect 14% of the world's population, are a leading cause of disability and a major cause of deaths worldwide, with prevalence set to increase due to an aging population.

▪ Unlocking potential for drug-developers from an “explosion of new scientific knowledge about the nervous system” (FDA, 2018) and progresses made by the pharma industry in designing clinical trials

▪ Big Pharmas reshaped their business model in Neurosciences to bet on the biotech sector to provide new programs

  • ACT-01 • Injectable, brain penetrant small molecule with neuroprotective activity in models of neurodegenerative diseases • Acts on signalling pathways (IGF1) used by neurotrophic factors to promote cell survival and endogenous repair of damaged neurons • Clinical Phase 1 completed, ready to enter a clinical phase 2 study in Optic neuritis/multiple sclerosis
  • ACT-02 • Orally active, brain penetrant, selective inhibitor of Prolyl oligopeptidase, also known as Prolyl Endopeptidase involved in the catabolism of neurotransmitters and in the modulation of certain protein-protein interactions that may affect cognitive behaviour and neurodegeneration • Improve cognitive performance in preclinical models of brain disorders • Lead candidate for development for Parkinson’s disease
  • ACT-03 • Injectable, brain penetrant, small molecule, selective inhibitor of the matrix metalloproteinases that modulate neuroplasticity and neuroinflammation at the level of the extracellular matrix • Reduce the number, intensity and duration of seizures in preclinical models of epilepsy • Lead candidate in the drug development programme for epilepsy of inflammatory origin