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STOCKCROWD is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company based on the collaborative financing. The crowd financing phenomena it is own on this leading technologies, in. which companies can manage their own campaigns and control all the risks. It is indeed a tool for those seeking the right compliance, the control of their users and investors and financial backers. To sum all, it enables Organizations and Companies a new financing channel for their projects and causes, turning their websites and digital channels into tools for raising funds.

  • Their software is available to all organizations in the world, we make a tool that can serve and support as many causes, organizations and communities as possible.
  • The technology is aimed at companies too, which may have needs for alternative financing
  • The main benefit is that companies that wish to control all the funnel on their online crowd-financing campaign, Stockcrowd is their platform and right software
  • It is company 100% digital, but we care about people, in StockCrowd there will always be a person behind a form on the web or in our campaign management back-office.
  • We will always listen to our customers and users with the aim of not stopping to improve.