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AGILE SALES PRO is a consulting firm. Through the Agile Sales methodology, they help clients determine a new direction in their digital marketing and sales strategies. This type of consulting is based on 100% practical implementation, directly and through the Agile Sales Pro team, and supported by the network of certified expert companies and consultants.

  • The Agile Method

It allows to accelerate sales processes quickly and effectively. It is results oriented and combines different methods such as Agile, Lean and Execution. It is based on the combination of Traditional Sales and Marketing Techniques, with Digital Marketing Techniques, Sales Hacking and SaaS.

  • Social Selling

Generating interest begins with getting to know your Buyer Persona well. In the context of social networks, being able to know, contact and disseminate your knowledge to attract interest through simple actions of sharing with your related network to gain visibility and reputation.

  • Outbound Marketing

New sales and marketing techniques in the business world (B2B) are achieved through push marketing actions to generate the attention of a potential lead and thus offer our product / service to the right buyer persona.

  • Marketing Automation

Use different types of software to automate the marketing process: from the attraction of new clients, segmentation and acquisition of Leads, to the management of CRM, Email Marketing, Social Networks, etc.